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GREE platform enhances the power of play with a Cross Platform SDK, a flexible API suite and a robust toolset, enabling social mobile game developers to best take advantage of the global gaming market.

Global Distribution

BENEFITS: Acquisition, Monetization

Access and engage users worldwide for increased revenue opportunities, penetrating high ARPU markets and acquiring users on a global scale.

The worldwide GREE Platform SDK also lets developers manage multiple languages within a single game binary. Localized game content and localized GREE social features provide a more engaging experience for users.

Additionally, GREE’s partnerships with industry tech leaders offer a variety of global support services such as localization, debugging, and user support.

Cross Platform

BENEFITS: Distribution, Monetization

The GREE Platform SDK is Cross Platform and compatible with Java (Android), Objective C (iOS), and Unity.

The SDK is distributed both as a library and as source code, and once implemented allows programmers to take advantage of all GREE Platform functionality within iOS and Android compatible applications.

The GREE SDK provides services via an API suite, including a hard currency solution for iOS and Android and a universal currency on Android (GREE Coins).

Social Features

BENEFITS: Virality, Engagement, Acquisition

GREE provides the UI elements for both social features - the Request Service and the Share Service. The Request Service lets players send and receive requests without leaving the game. Strategies leveraging this service include friend-gating, collaborative building, gifting, trading, and support in battle.

Players are also able to invite their friends, and can be rewarded with soft currency or virtual goods as an incentive for inviting their friends to play.

The Share Service can act as both an engagement and an acquisition tool when viral messages get pushed to players’ social graphs. Players can be prompted to share at “brag moments” or any other in-game events and can be rewarded for social behavior.

Together, these services help to drive viral installs, decreasing the cost of user acquisition.

Casual APIs

BENEFITS: Engagement, Retention

The Leaderboard API enables developers to post game score rankings to configurable leaderboards, without setting up servers on their end. GREE provides all the necessary UI for this service, with Leaderboards and Ranking visible on the game-specific dashboard enabled on each GREE game. There are both global leaderboards and “friends-only” leaderboards that help to encourage competition within a player’s social circle.

App Portal & Social Networking Service

BENEFITS: Virality, Engagement, Acquisition

GREE provides players with a Social Networking Service (SNS) and a standalone GREE App in order to promote deeper levels of engagement and increase virality. Players can create their own profile, post messages on friends’ walls, send invites and game requests to friends, and see what games their friends are playing.

The standalone GREE App acts as an app discovery portal, giving games an opportunity to get noticed by millions of high-quality users for optimum exposure.

A Universal Menu lets players easily navigate between the App Portal, the SNS, and games.

Games Dashboard

BENEFITS: Engagement, Retention

Each GREE enabled game will have its own dashboard, accessible from the game. The Games Dashboard provides a “command center” for the users, creating a game-specific social hub for fostering deeper engagement. Players can invite friends, see who else is playing, view the latest developer announcements, view rankings & leaderboards, and much more.

User Access Levels (User Grades)

BENEFITS: Acquisition, Engagement

As users choose to engage further with games and take advantage of more advanced features like gifting, trading, and incentivized invites, they will need to provide more information in order to secure their account. This process allows us to reduce incidents of fraud while maximizing user logins at the top of the funnel.

Notifications & Messages

BENEFITS: Engagement

The GREE Platform offers, a Message API for server-side Push Notifications and Local Notifications (timer notifications) set in the application, using Apple Push Notifications and C2DM service provided by iOS and Android respectively. Notifications can originate from event requests from friends via Request Services (such as “Receive a Gift” and “Support in a battle”) and from messages from the application (such as events and campaign notifications). Developers can also set a timer in the application for an application-sent notification (such as “crops are ready for harvest”).

Notifications are also surfaced within the App Portal and Games Dashboard as well as other touch-points in the GREE Platform.

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