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User support companies can optimize customer satisfaction.

1. Enzyme Testing Labs

■ Customer support service by Enzyme Testing Labs

  ・Enzyme Labs can help you enhance the playing experience of your customers,
   create loyalty and assist you in developing better multilingual games.
  <End User Support>
  ・Enzyme Labs can provide forum monitoring services and provide you with condensed
   feedback on any game issues, recommendations for improvement, get user feedback
   and report bugs.
  <Technical Support>
  ・Enzyme Labs can take charge of the technical support of all your games through web
   based applications and forums. We can perform technical support services in a variety of
   European languages including English and FIGS.
  <Focus Groups and Game Balancing>
  ・Enzyme Labs can help you develop and launch games that exceed customer
   expectations and are culturally adapted to their intended marketplace. We can assist
   your development process by holding focus groups at all stages of development
   including evaluating game design, game balancing, playtests, monetization and social
   networking strategies. In addition, Enzyme Labs can provide you with on-site teams of
   European gamers to evaluate all of your game mechanics and validate cultural
   acceptance of your games for specific target markets.
  <Additional Services>
  ・Project Management in Japanese and EFIGS including bug translations and project
   communications translated into Japanese, English and FIGS.

[Sample Price]
  ・Please contact our sales offices to obtain rates and customized proposals for your
   projects. Enquire about our special discounts for GREE platform titles.

[Supported Mobile Platforms]
  ・Enzyme Labs will perform linguistic testing using the most popular smartphones,
   tablets and other mobile devices that operate on iOS, Android and Windows.

  ・Enzyme Labs is a 10 year old multilingual game testing company with international
   facilities that provides multi-platform world class testing and localization services in over 23 languages.
   We can help maximize your development budget by working within our milestone process
   that includes timely testing and focus groups to ensure your games achieve their full potential.
   We are an accredited game testing and localization provider on all major console platforms
   and support all forms of mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows.

[Contact Information]

  North America
  Marketing and Sales Department
  Yan Cyr
  Mail: ycyr@enzyme.org
  TEL: +1-450-995-2000 ext.330

  Marketing and Sales Department
  Eiichi Ikeda / Emi Pilotte
  Mail: infojp@enzyme.org
  TEL: +81-44-852-4411

  For more detailed information about Enzyme, please click here.

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